Sophomore/Freshman Updates


As you earn your Vermont Learners Permit, please remember to show it to your School Counselor if you are interested in taking Driver Education at Mt. Abraham.

Field Trip to Hannaford Career Center All 10th grade students will visit the Hannaford Career Center on Thursday December 5, 2019 from 830-1100am. Sophomores were provided an opportunity to learn about the programs offered there in FIT block on November 5. They also filled out a request form to visit two programs on the field trip. If students wish to attend HCC as juniors, they will complete an application form as part of the course pre-registration process in early February.

FRESHMEN: School counselors will invite you to a meeting to get to know you and give an overview of School counseling services you can expect in high school. These will begin in October. We hope that you are settling comfortably into your high school classes. If you have concerns, feel free to come see us any time.