Welcome to Mt. Abraham Union Middle/High School

Principal- Jessica Barewicz jessica.barewicz@mausd.org 802.453.7023

Asst. Principal 10th-12th- Justin Bouvier justin.bouvier@mausd.org 802.453.7018

Asst. Principal 7th- 9th- Laurie Greenberg laurie.greenberg@mausd.org 802.453.7018

Dean of Students- Gabrielle Jensen gabrielle.jensen@mausd.org 802.453.7542

Athletic Director & Activities Coordinator- Devin Wendel devin.wendel@mausd.org 802.453.7330

Weekly Notice December 10 - December 14 2018


Mt. Abraham Union Middle/High School

220 Airport Road

Bristol, VT 05443

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Tel: (802) 453.2333

Fax: (802) 453.4359


Main Office- (802) 453.7004

Student Activities- (802) 453.7330

Athletics- (802) 453.7330

Health Office- (802) 453.7065

Counseling Office-(802) 453.7028

The mission of the Mount Abraham Union Middle/High School community is to create and maintain an engaging learning environment in which all pursue and promote learning for success in a 21st century world, and all participate as active, responsible citizens.

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