Senior Updates

Updated June 2, 2020

March 30, 2020:

Dear 12th grade students and families,

We hope you are all managing these unusual times as well as can be expected. There are so many emotions around the decision to extend the school dismissal through the end of the school year, especially as it relates to your last few months as seniors at Mt. Abraham. We are thinking of you all and assure you that as a school team we are going to do our best to support you and help you navigate the rest of your senior year. If you have any questions, school counselors are happy to help you. We are available through email and video chat. Please let us know when you would like to schedule a time to meet.

As we think about these last few months of senior year and plans for after graduation, we wanted to share some important information.

  • For those of you who have enlisted in a branch of the military, please be in contact with your recruiter to see how the COVID-19 situation may affect your plans.

  • Many colleges have extended their decision deadline for seniors who are deciding on what college they plan to attend in the fall. Please connect directly with the colleges to learn what changes they have made around this important deadline.

  • Spring is the time to visit the colleges that seniors have gained acceptance in order to make a final decision on where they will attend in the fall. Due to the COVID-19 response, colleges are not offering in person tours and campus visits. Check this link for a list of colleges that are offering virtual tours online. This informational spreadsheet was created by a colleague in our field and includes colleges in the US and Canada. It is also included in an article on college admissions through Forbes.

  • For seniors and families reviewing financial aid packages and working to make final decisions on college attendance, keep in mind that the best source of information about financial aid awards are the individual college financial aid offices. Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC) also has several helpful resources to help evaluate financial aid awards.

  • If college is not your plan for after graduation, VSAC has some excellent information related to technical training, Gap years, writing a resume or cover letter, careers with local employers and more.

The School Counseling website is a great resource for future planning. There is information about the US Military, college planning, gap year ideas, foreign exchange programs, and much more. We encourage you to take some time to look at the variety of resources available to you and reach out if you need any support. We are here to help you find the future plan that fits your personal goals. We are thinking of you all during this challenging time.

Thank you,

Erin and Alan



1. A great link for seniors regarding understanding financial aid offers from VSAC.

2. College bound seniors, National College Decision Day is typically scheduled for May 1st each year. Due to the current situation, many colleges are extending that deadline. Please be in touch directly with the college that you plan to attend to learn if their decision date has been extended.


By now you should have a pretty clear idea of where you may apply. Here are some things to consider:

-Be on the mailing list at those colleges so you can be receiving up to date material.

-Know the application process and deadlines at each school.

-Create an account at the Common Application website.

-Consider some essay topics that you could write about.

-Sign up to take any required admissions tests.

-Think about who will write letters of recommendation for you.

-Meet with your School counselor!!!

As you apply to school, your counselor's office should be a regular stop in your school week. Stop by and make an appointment or be on the lookout for a pass as we will be inviting you in to talk about your post-secondary plans after the drop-add period ends. Parents are always welcome to call or make an appointment to meet about post-secondary planning.


Recruiters from all branches of the U.S. Military have the opportunity to meet with students at Mt. Abraham. Representatives may set up table displays and meet with students individually based on appointment. We are happy to provide meeting space with the understanding that parents are aware that these meetings are taking place at school. If you need assistance in locating a recruiter, see your school counselor.


The School Counseling website has many links to help students learn about GAP year opportunities, job placement and availability, and provide other ideas for students who may be undecided about their future plans. Follow those links to learn more about these opportunities.


FIT Block Future Planning Wednesdays: Are you a senior working on your college applications or a junior beginning to think about what will be next for you after high school graduation? The school counselors will be available Wednesdays in Room 1108 off the library during FIT block beginning September 18th to assist juniors and seniors with all aspects of future planning! Sign up to attend a Future Planning FIT Block through your Advisor!

SAT/SAT Subject Test/ACT Information: Testing schedules are available at the SAT and ACT websites. Please visit these websites to see testing dates and deadlines by which you must sign up. If you have any concerns about testing dates, which test to take, or even if you should take any tests at all, see your counselor.

Fee Waivers: Junior and senior students who qualify for free or reduced school meals are eligible for fee waivers to take the SAT, ACT, and AP Exams. During senior year, students may also be eligible for college application fee waivers. Almost all colleges in the United States accept these waivers. For the 2019-2020 school year students must have completed the Application for Free and Reduced Price School Meals, and have been determined eligible. Applications are available in the school counseling office, the main office, and the cafeteria.

COLLEGE REPS We will once again have representatives from various colleges visiting Mt. Abe. It is a very good idea to meet with them if you are interested in that particular school. Simply ask for a pass to attend. Please check your school email as we are sharing the schedule through student gmail. Follow this link to see the current schedule of visits


There are three ways in which you may need to apply for financial aid. All financial aid applicants must fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and may fill out the Vermont Incentive Grant application. Follow the links to these sites. Families may submit these forms as early as October 1 of the student's senior year. A third application you may need to fill out is the CSS Profile. This application is used by certain schools in order to gather more information about your family resources. Log on to the CSS Profile page for information about the Profile. Online registrations are accepted beginning October 1. Do not hesitate to register as soon as possible if you are required to do so. Mt. Abraham hosts a financial aid forms night, presented by VSAC, in early October. The Vermont Student Assistance Corporation is an invaluable resource for financial aid information. They can be reached at 1-800-642-3177 or