English Department

"That's when I saw the old maple

a couple of its thick arms cracked

one arm reclining half rotted

into earth black with the delicious

hospitality of rot to the

littlest creatures

the tree not really dying living

less widely green head high

above the other leaf-crowded

trees a terrible stretch to sun

just to stay alive but if you've

liked life you do it

-"Walking in the Woods" by Grace Paley

Opportunities for ILOs in literature and writing may be arranged in concert with the Personalized Learning Department.

Please take a moment to read the Academic Honesty policy for our school, found in the Student/Parent Handbook.Of particular importance is the definition of plagiarism.

Students are expected to demonstrate academic honesty in all of their course work and educational programs when completing assignments. Plagiarism is defined as taking and using the ideas, images or writings of another person as one's own. Cheating is defined as copying work or collaborating with someone (without the instructor's permission). Therefore, plagiarism and cheating will not be allowed. Consequences for these acts are “0” for the assignment in question. Repeated offenses may result in failure for the quarter in that class, and additional disciplinary consequences."