Graduation Requirements


School Counseling Program


Mt. Abraham requires a minimum of 24.0 credits in order to earn a diploma. The distribution of required credits is as follows:

English 4 credits

Social Studies 3.5 credits (includes Age of Legality)

Mathematics 3 credits

Science 3 credits (Biology is required)

Fine Art 1 credit

Physical Education 1.5 credits

Human Development 0.5 credits

Elective 7.5 credits


Students at Mt. Abraham may elect to pursue the Challenge Diploma. This program allows students recognition for meeting a most rigorous academic program. A student must declare his or her intent to complete a Challenge Diploma before the end of ninth grade. Students who transfer to Mt. Abraham as sophomores must have approval from the Personalized Learning Teacher Leader to participate in this program. Challenge diploma is available to students entering ninth grade with completion required by graduation. Requirements to earn a Challenge Diploma include:

-Maintenance of a minimum GPA of 3.0.

-Completion of five challenge assignments in freshman year.

-Completion of five challenge assignments in sophomore year.

-Completion of a Personal Learning Plan.

-Completion of two years of the same second language.

-Completion of 28 credits for graduation.-Completion of two Advanced Placement courses or two dual enrollment courses.

-Completion of one Independent Study, Independent Learning Opportunity, or Virtual High School course.

STATEMENT OF RESPONSIBILITY:  It is the student's responsibility to keep track of their progress toward earning their diploma. Students are invited to meet with their counselor at any time if they have questions regarding their class standing or progress toward graduation.