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Welcome to the homepage of the Mt. Abraham School Counseling program.  Here you will find information and links that support students in academic success and future planning.  Feel free to browse our site.  Counselor assignment is based on grade and first letter of last name. Please see the distribution below.  You are welcome to call or email your School Counselor at any time if you have questions.  See links near the bottom of the page for contact information.


Ann Fisher            Grades 7-8
Alan Kamman       Grades 9-12 (H-S)
April Wortmann    Grades 9-12 (A-G, T-Z)

Phone (802) 453-2333
FAX    (802) 453-4726

CEEB Code:  460065

There are three ways in which you may need to apply for financial aid.  All financial aid applicants must fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and may fill out the VSAC Incentive grant application.  Follow the links to these sites.  Recent changes in federal financial aid rules now allow families to submit the FAFSA as early as October 1 of the student's senior year.  A third application you may need to fill out is the CSS Profile.  This application is used by certain schools in order to gather more information about your family resources.  Log on to the CSS Profile page for information about the Profile.  Online registrations will be accepted beginning October 1.  Do not hesitate to register as soon as possible if you are required to do so.  The Vermont Student Assistance Corporation is an invaluable resource for financial aid information.  They can be reached at 1-800-642-3177.

Announcements and Events

  • Article: How Selective Colleges and Universities Evaluate Proficiency-Based High School Transcripts
    Here is an interesting article about how colleges and universities are evaluating proficiency based high school transcripts. This has been the topic of conversation among some seniors this year. Follow this link to read the colleges take on this issue.
    Posted Apr 6, 2017, 11:20 AM by Alan Kamman
  • VSAC Paying for College Presentation
    Join us on Monday April 17 at 6:30pm in the large cafeteria for the annual VSAC paying for college presentation. This presentation has been moved to the spring with the change in filing date for the FAFSA to October 1. This comprehensive presentation outlines major financial aid programs and illustrates differences in funding a college education at different types of colleges.  Carrie Harlow of VSAC will be our presenter.
    Posted Mar 13, 2017, 11:24 AM by Alan Kamman
  • VSAC announces College Pathways workshops
    College Bound students, especially juniors, should consider attending a College Pathways workshop.  Hosted by VSAC, these workshops are a great opportunity for both students and parents.  Follow this link to learn more and sign up to attend!  VSAC College Pathways
    Posted Apr 6, 2017, 11:12 AM by Alan Kamman
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The Mt. Abraham scholarship packet is now available!  We encourage all college bound seniors to pick up a copy of this application packet.   Now is certainly the time to research and apply for scholarships.  College admissions/financial aid offices will offer you guidance on how private scholarship money is treated in relation to financial aid awards.  It may be worth calling to find out how the colleges of your choice address private scholarship monies.  Contact the School counseling office if you need further information.  Please remember to update your counselor on the acceptances you have received.  We keep close tabs on student acceptances as well as announce them to the student body.  Make sure you are recognized for your hard work!! 



 Career Exploration - Research some careers that you are interested in.  Use the links to on the left hand side of this page. There are some great resources! You can find information about training needed for certain jobs as well as salaries you can earn, the outlook for employment when you are out of college, whether the number of jobs is shrinking or growing.  This can be a great way to narrow down your major choice.

 Review your schedule – Check on your schedule and review your classes.  Plan well and DO NOT SLACK!!!  Remember, colleges and employers like to see that students challenge themselves by taking all four core courses all four years.  They also like to see students continue their study of foreign language and take relevant electives. If you have time in your schedule, consider a career center program related to your potential college major.  You have worked hard to this point and should keep it up!  See your counselor with any questions.

 College Search – Start thinking about what you want in a college.  Think about things like where it’s located, how many people attend, does it have a program that you want to study, do they have on campus housing and what kind, can freshmen have cars, do they have activities/athletics that you may want to do?  There are lots of Internet sites that can help you narrow down your searches and help you learn about different schools.  Scan the list of links on the left side of this page for lots of information or see your counselor for help.  We have access to more information than you could possibly read so let us help you!

 Continue to do your best in school – Obviously college admissions people like good grades.  The best predictor of your ability to succeed in college is you high school record.  Do your best!!!  Also, spend time reading.  Not only can it be fun, but it is also good SAT/ACT preparation.  Look up all of the words that you don’t know.  Chances are, if it’s an obscure word, you could see it on the next admissions test that you take!

COLLEGE REPS   We will once again have representatives from various colleges visiting Mt. Abe.  It is a very good idea to meet with them if you are interested in that particular school.  Simply ask for a pass to attend.  Please check your school email as we are sharing the schedule through student gmail.  Follow this link to see the current schedule of visits:


Testing schedules are available at the SAT and ACT websites.  Please visit these websites to see testing dates and deadlines by which you must sign up.  Signing up online is very efficient and the preferred way for students to sign up for testing.  If you have any concerns about testing dates, which test to take, or even if you should take any tests, see your counselor.