Alan Kamman, School Counselor

Biography:  I have served as a School Counselor at Mt. Abraham since August 2000.  Before that I worked at Burlington High School, Whitcomb High School, The Forman School, The Hurricane Island Outward Bound School, and the Appalachian Mountain Club.  I earned my undergraduate degree at the University of New Hampshire in Environmental Science, and my Masters at the University of Vermont in School Counseling.

Both of my kids are graduates of Mt. Abraham, one of whom graduated from Ithaca College and is now a graduate student at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.  The other is a junior at Syracuse University. Outside of work I can be found in the woods hiking, bushwacking, hunting, or fishing.  In the winter, look for me at Sugarbush on weekends and snow days. I strive to spend as much time outside as I can, regardless of season or weather.  Did I mention I that I thru hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2016?
Contact Info

Phone: 802-453-7369
FAX:  802-453-4726

Student Caseload 2016-2017:

Grades 9-12 H-S

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