Special Education

Teacher Leader:

Melissa Starr
453-2333 ext. 62083

Special Education


Special Educators:
  •   Elizabeth Christian
  •   Marian Connor
  •   Michelle Davis
  •   Alysa Decker
  •   Eric Decker
  •   Heather Gevry
  •   Ernest Hart
  •   Patricia Mattison
  •   Brady Murray
  •   Patrick Willwerth

Special education supports and services:

  • Co-teaching in middle school:  English & math
  • Co-teaching in high school:  English, math, history, science
  • Tier 3 intervention in reading, writing, math
  • Tier 2 intervention in reading and writing through the Learning Center
  • Foundations classes taught by special educators in English and math (Life skills, Behavioral Program, high school)
  • Individualized instruction with specialized programs such as Wilson Reading Program, Do The Math, etc.
  • Independent Living Skills class
  • Embedded social skill development
  • Behavioral analysis and intervention
  • Post secondary transition supports and services

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