Scott Evan Beckwith


I'm a native Vermonter born in Putney, Vermont and graduated from Mt. Anthony Union High School in Bennington, Vermont.  I earned my Bachelors and Master's of Education degrees from the University of Vermont.   

I am married to my amazingly brilliant and kind partner and we have two of the "awesomest" dogs, named Nano and Pico, and a cute and cuddly cat named Casco.  They bring daily joy to my life.  

I love learning.

My days are guided by the mantra:  You get what you give.  

Be kinder than necessary...Please. 


Phone Extension:
802-453-2333 ext. 1113
 Courses Taught:  
American Studies
Age of Legality
We the People
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Center for Civic Education
White House
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Why I teach....

“My goal is to sufficiently prepare today’s students to succeed as stewards of tomorrow’s world.” – Mr. B

In order to act responsibly and effectively, citizens must understand the important institutions of their society and the principles that these institutions are intended to reflect. That requires mastery of a body of knowledge about law, politics, and government. Civics teaches the virtues—such as honesty, mutual respect, cooperation, and attentiveness to multiple perspectives—that citizens should use when they interact with each other on public matters.  You will understand virtues and principles by applying and reflecting on them through actual civic engagement— their own and that of other people from the 
past and present.