Bill Connor

I have been connected to Mt. Abraham Union High School, with the exception of the 1980’s, since the school was built in 1969.  As a veteran teacher of US History, I have seen a lot of changes and innovations over the years.  The one thing that hasn't changed however, is my dedication, love, and caring for the countless students that I have had the privilege of working with as an instructor.  I am convinced that the true underpinning for success in the classroom is the rich bonds that are established with the students by the teacher that show how much they are appreciated and cared for as unique and precious individuals.  Once this incredible connection is established with the students, teaching for me has been and always will be, an enjoyable and enriching experience.  I am happy and full of joy that I have selected teaching Mt. Abraham students as my chosen occupation!


Phone Extension:
   [802] 453-2333       Ext.  1117   [School]
   [802] 758-2017        [Home]
Courses Taught:  
  US History 10
  20th Century US History
                    10 Grade U. S. History  -Homework assignment for 11/10/14
                    Students need to identify websites that will provide information for their topics related to the upcoming term papers. Next week students will be working on Annotated bibliographies for their term papers which are due on December 1.

                     20th Century U. S. history -Homework assignment for 11/10/14

                     Students are currently working on graphic organizers connected to the 
Progressive Period in American history in order to get to understand the great emphasis placed on the many reforms that occurred from 1900-1916 on the local,state,and national levels.Next week,all students will be learning about Roosevelt,Taft,and Wilson and their respective administrations regarding the support they gave to this reform period.