Personalized Learning Department

Teacher Leader:
     Maureen Deppman

Personalized Learning
 Personalized Learning Advisors:    

   Maureen Deppman
   Lisa Grzyb
   Gerrie Heuts
   Shelley Snyder
   Al Zaccor

Students working
A 9th grade student shares information about his chainmail tools with a 12th grade student and teaches her the basics of making chainmail. 

Students building
Russell advises students on how to use a bow drill.  An investigation on primitive survival tools.

A student working at ECHO on a
fish habitat.

Caroline congratulates ILO students!

Personalizing one's own learning is a complex process that asks the learner to not only participate in the learning process but also to plan the learning process they will use. That planning  involves posing and developing strong inquiry questions, researching  topics of interest in a variety of ways, and creating interesting and engaging forms of evidence of the learning process.  

Robin riding his burm

What do you mean?. . . You can do down hill mountain biking and earn science credit?

Courses:  Grade 9-12

Course                                                                           Advisor                                   
DUO                                                                                Maureen Deppman
Independent Study                                                          Maureen Deppman
Independent Learning Opportunity (ILO)
        Elective                                                                    Maureen Deppman
        English                                                                     Lisa Grzyb
        Science                                                                    Shelley Snyder
        Social Studies                                                          Al Zaccor
Pathways (Full-time)                                                        All Advisors
Intro to Pathways                                                             All Advisors
Virtual High School                                                          Maureen Deppman

Student Opportunities:  Grade 9-12
Challenge Diploma                                                           Maureen Deppman
Dual Enrollment                                                                Maureen Deppman
Governor's Institutes                                                         Maureen Deppman
HOBY Leadership                                                             Maureen Deppman

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meeting           horses
Advisors provide feedback to                                            A student drives Percheron horses.
students on evidence of work.                                               

maureen and student                                    phil with student
Maureen advises a student on how to                                  Advisors congratulate a PL Student on                               An advisor brainstorms with an ILO student.               
turn pictures into evidence of learning.                                graduation day!