Simone Skerritt


    I am from the island of St.Kitts. I completed my undergraduate studies at Concordia University in Montreal with a major/minor in Spanish and Political Science. While there, I also completed coursework in Italian. My graduate studies in Spanish were completed at Middlebury College’s graduate language program, where I also pursued coursework in French.
     I have always loved learning languages, having begun French in elementary school, and then Spanish, and some Latin, in my early years of high school.
 It has always been immensely rewarding sharing this passion with my students, both here at Mt. Abraham, where I have just entered my fifteenth year of teaching, and where my three children went to school, and during the nine years at my previous school.
    At both schools, I have also had many opportunities to share my love of travel, and the mind expansion this provides, with the students who have participated in these educational travel experiences.
    In addition to teaching, I am our department's teacher-leader, the chairperson of our Local Standards Board, a Peer Review committee participant, and a volunteer interpreter at the Open Door Clinic, all of which provide much personal and professional satisfaction and growth. 
    Other interests of mine are reading, and music and dance, particularly Latin American and African genres. I have been learning West African dance, specifically from Guinea, Senegal and Mali, for the past twenty years, and also love sharing Zumba dance with my students. Some day, I hope  to learn to play a musical instrument.    



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