English Department

Teacher Leader
Melanie Stultz-Backus

Telephone:453-2333, extension 61103


Please feel free to contact me for information about courses, credit for courses from the Vermont State College and University system, or any other questions about the English Department.

Our Exceptional Department Members:
Emily Beattie
Vicki Bronson
Dana DeWitt
James Eberhardy, Learning Center
Lisa Grzyb
Katie Ivory
Colleen Kiley
Mary McGuire
Melanie Stultz-Backus
Addie Thompson
Brent Crum
Nan Guilmette

English In The News:

High School Courses:
English 9
English 10

Composition 1
Composition 2
Contemporary Literature
Creative Writing
Journalism Check out The Bird's Eye View
Introduction to Philosophy
World Literature
Media Literacy
Society & the Human Condition
American Studies English
Turn the Page
Page to Screen
American Studies English
AP English Literature and Composition

Opportunities for ILOs in literature and writing may be arranged in concert with the Personalized Learning Department.

The English Department is developing a new rotating schedule of electives, with the addition of some brand new courses. The new Course Selection Guide, coming out later this year in early winter, will reflect those changes.

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Please take a moment to read the Academic Honesty policy for our school, found in the Student/Parent Handbook.Of particular importance is the definition of plagiarism.

"Academic Honesty" (HEART-Honesty)

Students are expected to demonstrate academic honesty in all of their course work and educational programs when completing assignments. Plagiarism is defined as taking and using the ideas, images or writings of another person as one's own. Cheating is defined as copying work or collaborating with someone (without the instructor's permission). Therefore, plagiarism and cheating will not be allowed. Consequences for these acts are “0” for the assignment in question. Repeated offenses may result in failure for the quarter in that class, and additional disciplinary consequences."

The Mount Abraham Union High School Student/Parent Handbook, p 11.