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Ms. Mason has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art and Design with an emphasis in ceramic sculpture and an art education certification from Grand Valley State University. She grew up in west Michigan, near Lake Michigan, and loves everything about lakes (fishing, water skiing, kayaking, the giant Warren Dunes, etc,).  Her first teaching job was at Krasl Art Center, right on the lake, where she taught all ages preschool through adult.  She then taught elementary art at Delton Kellogg Elementary, middle school art at Dowagiac Middle School (her hometown) and then moved to Vermont with her husband, Brett, in 2013.  She worked for Rosie's girls in St. Albans, a program aimed at empowering girls through teaching the trades where she assisted teaching welding.  She then was hired at Bellows Free Academy in St. Albans and taught Design and Technology courses that included: Architecture, Engineering, Electricity and Electronics, Transportation and Power, and Computer Aided Design.  She finished her Graduate Certificate in STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) as well as her Masters in Technology Education from California University of Pennsylvania in 2015. Ms. Mason is an active artist and world traveler who loves to try new things (like the current Ethiopian cooking class she is in now).  She also enjoys yoga, kayaking, swimming, hiking, walking the cat, knitting and crochet.​

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