Elise Cleary

I studied at Ohio Wesleyan University, where I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and at Saint Michael's College, where I earned my Masters in Education with a concentration in Fine Arts. I started teaching Art at Mt. Abe in 1995-96. Before this, I worked as a commercial photographer for 12 years, working both in the studio and on location.

Art is an integral part of my life and I find many parallels between teaching art and creating it. On any given day it can be exciting, frustrating, rewarding, enlightening or amusing but it is always humbling. Both activities keep me grounded through the innate desire to create and to share that journey with others. I see the combination of creating art and teaching it as a constant process of self discovery. I do both because I love them. 


Phone Extension:
(802)453-2333 ext. 2010
 Courses Taught: 
Introductory Art
Studio Crafts
Realistic Drawing
Adv. Placement Studio Art

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