Team Summit

Cathy DiMarco biography:   I graduated from the University of Vermont in 1989 with a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology.  I then got my degree in Secondary Education from Trinity College.  I did my student teaching at Mount Abraham with Randy Durand and was hired that summer in 1990.    I have been teaching middle school science ever since :-)  My main goal is to show students how cool and fun science is, and how it is connected to their lives.

Dana DeWitt biography:
I am endorsed in all three middle school subjects: Language Arts, Social Studies and Science, and I am looking forward to being able to integrate all three subjects this year. I started my teaching career in Southern California where I taught Earth Science and Language Arts at a large middle school.  I am a Vermont native and my family and I moved to Bristol in 2006. My passions are Geology and literature, and I take every opportunity to learn more about them.


Phone Extensions:

Cathy DiMarco 1096
Dana DeWitt 1095
Courses Taught:

Cathy DiMarco: Science
Dana DeWitt: Language Arts, Social Studies
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 Physical Science Syllabus with Learning Targets


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 Science Assignments due week of 12/19:

*** Rough draft of Newton's Second Law paragraph and graph due by Thursday***

*** Final Draft of Egg Drop Lab Report due Thursday ***

*** Final Draft of Rube Goldberg Machine Project due Thursday ***

*** Quiz on Newton's Laws Wednesday 12/21 ***

Science Learning Targets this week (Please refer to syllabus for what the #s represent:

#s: 13,23 and Mt. Abraham Competency: Collaboration, HEART: Engagement, Responsibility