Transformation and Change

Driving question: How can Team IMPACT become the origin of lasting chanc

  • Climate Zone Source
    • Use this source to complete the brochures you will use to teach your group members about two different climate zones.
  • Climate Zone Brochure
    • Use this organizer to create brochures about the two climate zones you will teach to your group members.
  • Climate Zone Tour Sheet
    • Use this to collect information about the climate zones taught to you by your group members.
  • Literature Circles Roles Sheet
    • Use this sheet to complete your role for literature circles.

Assessments & Assignments
  • NEO Final Summative Script Assignment
    • Purpose: to demonstrate your ability to perform the critical skills and understandings practiced in this study.

      Target: attempt to reduce Team Impact’s carbon footprint by proposing a plan to a public forum.

      Examples could include but are not limited to; a presentation to the community council, writing a letter to a newspaper, writing a letter to an elected official.