Community Study

Image - Biggleswade Academy

Driving Question: 
How do we show others both who we are and what is important to the Team Impact community?


  • Oral Presentation KiSH Feedback Form
    • Students need Kind Specific and Helpful (KiSH) feedback in order to improve both oral presentations and the community product. Use this form to gather the feedback needed to improve.
  • Post Consultancy Goal Setting
    • After receiving feedback about the oral presentation and community product, students can use these two prompts to set specific goals for improvement.
Assessments and Assignments

  • Collaboration Learning Scale
    • During the community study students will be assessed on all dimensions (A-D) of collaboration. Please reference dimension A. Interacts Productively, as there is a model to help students get started reflecting on evidence of success.
  • Oral Communication Learning Scale
    • During the community study students will be assessed on dimension A. Delivery. All other aspects of oral communication will be encouraged but not assess during this study.